From should work to does work.

A few years ago before I had the idea to start Shiny Katz a good friend of mine called me up in a panic. They had just moved into new office space and nothing was working. No phones, no one could print and they couldn't send or recieve email. My friend asked me if I could help and in about 20 minutes I was walking through hisdoor with my tools and a smile on my face. I asked him"What happened?" and he told me that when the installer was on his way out the door he asked him if everything was setup and ready. The reply he got was "It should work."

When you work with Shiny Katz nothing should work, it does work.

Low cost, affordable services we offer

  • Remote Network Support
  • Remote Desktop Management
  • Microsoft Office Support
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Equipment Configuration

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