Where do you need to go?

With all of the mergers and acquisitions building bigger and bigger companies the pressure on the small business owners is increasing everyday. You should be able to focus on what you do best and leave the rest to a friend you can trust. That is where the Shiny Katz come in.

We are a small group of Information Technology Professional with decades of experience in the Fortune 500 who believe that when it comes to competition in business, sometimes you need someone on your side to help level the field. We have never found the need to send anything off-shore to remain competitive or to provide the services our customers need.

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The Shiny Katz Way

If you haven't noticed by now, our style is decidedly laid back. But don't mistake our casual attitude for a lack of determination and a commitment to helping you succeed.
From web site design and search engine optimization, to data mining and custom software development the Shiny Katz always deliver. Good work at the right price.

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